A new reusable straw corrects a key design flaw found in most reusable straws currently on the market. The straw, called One Bubble Straw, has a seam running from top to bottom that can be opened for easy cleaning. Once you’ve cleaned it using a standard sponge—or even just a paper towel—it rolls back into place.

一款新的可重復使用的吸管彌補了市場現有的大多數可重復使用吸管的一大設計漏洞。這款吸管名為One Bubble 吸管,有一條從上到下的接縫,打開之后很容易清洗。用標準海綿或僅僅用紙巾清洗過后,就能重新卷成原狀。

北京体彩网(圖源:Green One Lab)

The straw is from Green One Lab, a sustainable product design and development incubator out of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. The Lab has launched a Kickstarter for the straw, and plans to ship in October.

這款吸管來自Green One實驗室,那里是香港理工大學的可持續產品設計及研發中心。實驗室為這款吸管發起了Kickstarter眾籌,計劃于10月份上市。

The straw has a few added bonuses for bubble tea drinkers. It's extra wide to fit those boba pearls, has a beveled edge so that it can puncture plastic, and is sturdier than similar silicone straws that bend when you try to punch through a plastic seal.


The straw is, unfortunately, made from plastic. But it's foodsafe and 100% recyclable—and that's after you wear it out, which could take a while. It can be opened for cleaning at least 1,000 times. It's also dishwasher safe.